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ENS Lyon

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The Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon is an elite French public institution that trains professors, researchers, senior civil servants as well as business and political leaders. Students choose their courses and split their time between training and research in sciences and humanities. Built on the tradition of the ENS de Fontenay-Saint-Cloud, founded in 1880, the ENS de Lyon also focuses on educational research. It is a symbol of French Republican meritocracy and it remains committed today to disseminating knowledge to the widest audience and to promoting equal opportunity.

The ENS de Lyon is part of the Université de Lyon and supports quality research that has earned it a Fields medal (Cedric Villani, 2010) and many CNRS medals. It encourages interdisciplinary studies to foster a better understanding of complex contemporary issues.

Within the ENS Lyon, one can find the Diderot Library of Lyon. This multidisciplinary library is open to all students, teachers and researchers, as well as to those involved in the world of education. Its strong points are the collections of history, philosophy, French literature and foreign languages and literature, but it also offers social sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, Earth sciences. Its collections in the field of Education are nationally recognised and have been chosen to receive the CollEx label.

The Diderot Library is home to some 1.2 million documents and electronic resources that can be consulted by students, teachers and researchers from Lyon and its region. The Diderot Library is deployed on two campuses, Descartes and Monod.

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